The Sephardic Jewish community in Barbados, an English colony, was established by refugees from Dutch Brazil which was re-conquered by the Portuguese in 1656. They are credited with introducing sugar to the English colony, thereby turning Barbados from an economic liability into a huge financial asset (and also fuelling the trade in people as slaves). It is possible the arrival of Sephardim in Barbados in 1656 was an influence on Cromwell’s allowing Jewish resettlement in England the following year. The Barbados community was famous for its endless quarrels.

Barbadian Resources

I am not familiar with the resources on Barbados. The Barbados National Archives (Department of Archives) does not have a dedicated website, but should be able to advise. The Barbados Museum & Historical Society houses the Shilstone Memorial Library. There is a general Barbados Genealogy group on Facebook.

Bevis Marks Archives

The archives of the early Sephardic Jewish community in Barbados were lost in a hurricane. The later archives were shipped back to London and are now in the Bevis Marks Archives in the London Metropolitan Archives.

British National Archives

The British National Archives contain a number of documents referencing Sephardim in Barbados. Probably other British sources deserve research.

Genealogists researching the Sephardic community of Barbados might also want to research in the Archief van de Portugees-Israëlietische Gemeente in Amsterdam where they will finding information on the Recife (Brazil) congregation and its antecedents in the Netherlands.

Barbados Jewish Cemetery

One of my friends was the guy who restored the Barbados cemetery. As part of the project, he reconstructed the Carrerra books. I will check to see if these are the LME documents. Many of the gravestones are no longer legible, and not all the information has yet been uploaded to his blog. The following names and dates have been recovered from the tombstones.


Hebrew Date

Ribcah filha de Abraham et Jael Valverde
11 Ab 5447

Moses and Abraham sons of Ishak Naftali Ashkenazi. Abraham on heshvan 5459, Moses On 17 Tevet 5453
Sarah Gabay Rison
13 Nisan 5432

Ishak Bar Naftali
Judica Burgos

Ephraim Yesurun Henriques
19 Tishri 5450

Abraham de Medina
11 Nisan 5452

Hanah daughter of Joseph Senior
11 Tebet 5440

Rachel Sarah Senior
10 Adar 5431

Aron Gabay
9 Tishry 5430

Moze Rodryges Soares
22 Ab 5427

De H…..
Yschack Rafael Pacheco
20 Hiyar 5425

Ester Gaon
21 Tishry 5427

Deborah Burgos
23 Tishry 5448

Selomoh Tinoco
24 Kislev 5448

Rahel Ester Henriques
11 Sebat 5448

Aron Gabay Risson
11 Yiar 5448

Gracia daughter of Semuel Aboab Cardozo
10 Tebet 5453

Yshak de Azevedo 5450
Moseh Baruh Henriques son of Abraham Baruh Henriques
7 Ab 5452

Is A Triple Burial Marked With One Stone: Offspring of Abraham Baruh Henriques: A. Yshac Hesvan 5453, B. Hua 6 Ab 5452, C. Abraham 27 Tishri 5456

Abraham son of Joseph Senior
9 Hiyar 5439

[Sarah] daughter of S…..And Ester Sua[res]

Ishak Gomez Henryques
20 Tyshry 5444

Abraham Gomes Henriques

Deborah Burgos

Moses Cohen de Leon
26 Adar 5453

Davyd Yeosusa de Lido
11 Hesvan 5445

Ishak Gabay Risson
15 Nisan 54….

Yaacob son of Joseph et Yael Ysurun Mendes
27 Tamuz 5436

Yosiyav Rephael son of David Castello
16 Adar 5459

Sarah Simha Israel de Piza
7 Tamus 5438

Sarah Ester Pera de Leao de Moseh Pera de Leao
16 Ellul 5438

Ester Mendes daughter of Joseph Mendes
12 Tamus 5440

Abraham Ydana son of Yacob Tdana
21 Hesvan 5439

Moseh Hamis
10 Nisan 5440

Moses son of Joseph Mendes
12 Menahem [5440]

Ymanuel Carcasoni
17 Nisan 5435

Hayyim Katz
14 Sivan 5457


Deborah Burgos
Rabbi Amnuel Burgos
Mordechai Burgos
Ishac Serano
Hanah Alvares
B.R. 5466

Sarah Lopes de Acosta
A Castano
Ester Castano
Rachel de……
Sy de Piza


David Abarbanel
Sarah de Mercado
David Raphael de Mercado
David de Mercado
Sarah Mulher
“….ld” Otherwise Illegible
Anjo de Simhon
Ishack Mendez
Hanah Mulher
Ephraim Burak
Sara Burgas
Hersh Silver
Simon Altman
Moshe Altman
Joseph Friedman
Jacob H Herbst

Nidhe Israel Synagogue and Museum. The Nidhe Israel synagogue is today a museum.

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